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Keeping A Steadfast Mind That Trusts In The Lord And Not In What We See or Feel

Isaiah 26:3-4

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever,for the Lord, the Lord himself alone, is the Rock eternal.


The book of Isaiah is a book of prophecy. Though prophecy often tells of future events that God will bring to pass it is primary the proclamation of God's truth. In it God reveals His person, His character, the whole of who He is as God. Too, He reveals his design and the laws of morality and what it is to rightly have relationship to Him and other people. He also reveals the truth about the character of us as human beings now under the bondage of sin and our old nature. In it we often see images and predictions of both God's judgment against sin and His promise of blessing to His people and those who live by His laws and who have a relationship of growing obedience and love for Him. The theme of Isaiah is that God is the Holy One of Israel who will bring judgment upon His people because of the sin but will also later, bring redemption and rescue.both temporally and eternally in Christ.

Key Words, Word Pictures, & Concepts to take Note of:

1) Keep: (Guard, Preserve, Blockade against, Protect completely)

2) Perfect Peace: (Security, peace, tranquility, welfare, completeness, contentment, well)

3) Mind: (Focus, Thoughts, Imagination, Mind as the center of ones mental focus) 

4) Stayed: (Braced Against, Upheld by, Supported, To Rest Upon, Lean Against)

5) Trust: (Be Completely Confident In, Secure, At Peace, At Rest With)

6) Yahweh: (The One True & Only God With All Power, The Matchless One Who Is Above All)

7) Rock: (Firm Place That Can Not Be Moved or Shaken)


1) The Promise & Provision From God For Our Lives (Perfect Peace)

- He will Keep ( Guard, Sustain, Protect) In Perfect Peace (Our Security, Hope, Joy, Welfare)

2) Protocol & Pathway Needed In The Believers Life To Have Perfect Peace (Steadfast,Trust)

- Those Who (Keep Their Mind Steadfast (Steady, Focused) & Trust (Remain Confident)

- For He Alone is Yahweh the Matchless One With All Power &All Provision The Eternal Rock 

on which everything stands firm & Upon Which Alone We Can Stand Secure.

In These present Times more than ever with everything going on in our world, in our nation, and in our lives personally we need to Keep Our Minds Steady On God's Truth, An Keep Steady In His Presence, so that We Trust Him and Have & Live In Confidence In A Shaky World

Questions To Explore The Passage:

1) What is the promise given in the first part of verse 3? What do the words perfect peace mean (look at the Key words and phrases list above)? What does having perfect peace mean to you? How would having perfect peace change the way a person would feel and live?

2) What does the second phrase in verse 3 say about how we can take hold of God's promise of perfect peace? What two things must we do to get and keep perfect peace in our lives no matter what is going on in life around us? What does the word steadfast mean and how to we keep our minds steadfast? What does the word trust mean and how do we learn to keep trusting God rather than what we see happening around us?

3) Look at verse 4 what command does God give us as His people? Why does this verse tell us we can trust God forever? Who is He? How does He describe Himself and why do you think He describes Himself this way given what these two verses are saying? Why is it important to know who our God is so that we can trust Him?

4) How does Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe, 

fit with what is God is saying through Isaiah in Isaiah 26:3-4?

5) How can you begin and continue to learn to trust the Lord more fully and consistently in your own life? What effect do these verses say this can have on your life starting today?


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